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Rosemarie began reading everything from any source on beauty, makeup and skincare in grade school, Way Bandy being an early inspiration. After obtaining a B.S. Communications and Associates in Business Management and an extensive career in Public Relations/Marketing (Federal Public Information Officer) she returned to her passion for beauty and wellness. Attending workshops and training in high definition/airbrush make-up in 2009 then in 2012 passing national and state boards to receive licensure in esthetics she continues to grow and challenge herself as an artist. Clients for male grooming and makeup for film/tv/print and special events included Governors, Supreme Court Judges, U.S. Senators, Congressional Candidates, ABC News, Southern Living Magazine, Falhgren Mortine, Image Associates, SkD Knickerbocker, Strategic Business Communications, Fox News Live, PBS, Marshall University, Intuit and WGN-Tribune.


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