6 Tips to Prevent “Mask Face”

6 EASY Tips to Preventing “Mask Face”

In this time of Covid-19 comes the necessity of wearing Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.) I cringe as a licensed esthetician at the amount of abrasion and irritation I am seeing caused by daily friction created from these masks that are the new norm.

My suggestions for protecting the delicate outer layer of the epidermis while still filtering out pathogens involves using the following:

  • Non-foaming cleansers (like Skin Scripts Pomegranate Antioxidant Cleanser) that do not strip away the necessary oils that hold moisture i.e., water/hydration in your skin. 

  • Non-alcohol based toners ideally with hyaluronic acid and calming botanicals like coconut water. This will decrease trans epidermal water loss (T.E.W.L.) which is the rate water evaporates from the skin.

  • Calming serums with high levels of actives like shea butter, hyaluronic acid and calming CoQ-10. Hyaluronic acid is a water magnet delivering in 1000 times its weight into the stratum corneaum. It great for plumping the skin and keeping it from being red/irritated, which slows aging dramatically. I LOVE Skin Scripts Ageless Hydrating Serum a clinical formulation with 65 % hyaluronic acid especially in the delicate eye area and with sensitive or mature skin . 

  • The essential part of this process is using a slightly heavier moisturizer that is non-comedogenic to hold all the lovely hydration we layered in place for the duration of your day/evening. It’s a myth that moisturizer will trigger acne breakout. Look for non comedogenic products like the Skin Script’s Cacteen Balancing Moisturizer that will calm and repair acne or oily skin or their Hydrating Moisturizer for dry or rosacea prone skin.

  • Using a physical NON CHEMICAL sunscreen formulated with titanium or zinc oxide will prevent UVA/UVB damage and oxidative stress from triggering irritation or rosacea flare-ups. Avoid the ingredient avobenzone an irritate and known hormone disrupter which can be stinging to some skin)  Skin Scripts Sheer Protection SPF 30 with a MATTE finish offers collagen stimulating marine algae, omega 3 and 6 is a powerhouse along with vitamin A, C and E antioxidant rich kukui nut oil for quick suppleness and increased skin elasticity. 

  • Lastly in the area your mask will be in direct contact on your face apply a ¼ of inch of Aquaphor to the skin just prior to applying the mask. This serves to cut the friction and WILL NOT cause acne. For more information on my choice of clinical skincare product and how  to get them click this image! Or Visit  my online store https://radiant-skin-therapy.square.site/

  • https://radiant-skin-therapy.square.site/

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