Beauty and Skincare Guidance with Covid-19 Conerns!!! My Hands are So Dry!!!

Your skin is part of a large system (The Integumentary system to be exact -hair, skin and nails} built to protect you from illness. As a licensed esthetician I have always kept my nails short. I’m advising you to do the same to allow for thorough handwashing into the underneath of the nail where bacteria love to hide. Here are so additional suggestions from my 8 years working with skin in a spa and 15 doing professional makeup for a living.

Always avoid picking at your skin, no pimple touching /squeezes. I’m booking virtual spa visits to guide you and address concerns.

Don’t trim cuticle or make any cuts to skin now (creating openings) is not safe.

Don’t use any scrubs, or aggressive skin tools, ie., home Microderm, facial shavers/trimmers, home waxing never a good idea, leave your brows, for now, it’s not the time for body scrubs (which can make the skin more vulnerable to intruders…}

For hand washed skin dryness apply a thick layer of hand cream or coconut oil before bed. The use of a light lotion or oil after each washing helps as well to slow the moisture loss.

Please use this time to clean your makeup brushes. I’m going to do a  Facebook live today at 4 demonstrate how to thoroughly clean them and I will answer some questions. Private consults are available via Zoom or Google Hang Out for makeup lessons and customized skincare consults with customized clinical kits delivered from my  Arizona lab to your door. Free shipping!!!

Pricing is $29 for 40-minute consults and I can drop ship a clinical strength customized skincare kit to your door… Free shipping!!!! 

I also offer “working Clean” my online course certification for makeup artists. A medically based and Microbiologist endorsed makeup artist sanitation curricula covering the most advanced techniques and products for the most hygienic skin and makeup professional protocols.

Rosemarie Hunter, B.S.C., M.U.A., L.E.

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